Glacier Platform. Elegant design, user focused.
Monetized content publishing.


Earn GLPM coin for publishing content.

Publish content and earn GLPM. Paid directly into platform E-wallet. Rating based on Up Vote/Down Vote system.


Create and Manage your profile.

Track activity, total earnings, link additional social media platforms to your profile. Instant Deposit/Withdrawal of GLPM.


Open development, 100% Open source.

Almost everything we do is released as open source and development in public over on Github.


Glacier Platform E-books and Magazine Marketplace.

Global decentralized E-Books Marketplace. Publish your own E-Book and earn GLPM on each sale.

What is Glacier Platform? (GLPM)

GLPM is a cryptocurrency for the Glacier platform, an online content publishing decentralized network. The GLPM blockchain hosts blog posts and comments posted by users, and users rate content through upvoting and downvoting posts. Upvotes generate income for the author and the upvoter. The author earns GLPM coin on upvotes, and the upvoter earns a portion of that income. Each Glacier platform action (posting a blog post, commenting, and upvoting/downvoting) is performed on the platform. As such, the platform needs to be fast, secure, and free to use to ensure a good user experience. GLPM coin uses a unique consensus algorithm and monetary system to make the platform work. Glacier Platform boasts the best user experience of all cryptocurrencies to date with a real use-case for content publishers. Along with a content publishing platform Glacier platform aims to build a Decentralized E-books and Magazine marketplace with extensive plugins and developer tools for ease in integration to any online blogging network.


Device friendly Platform

Glacier Platform is device compatible, Read or publish posts on the go.


Coin Specs

COIN NAME: Glacier Platform (GLPM)



MAX COINS: 100,000,000

PREMINE: 5% ( 3% For Pre-Sale)



BLOCK REWARD: 40 (28.8 for MasterNodes; 7.2 for Proof Of Stake ; 4 for Development Fund)



Meet our team

The Glacier Platform team combines a passion for crypto, industry expertise & proven record in finance, development marketing & licensing.

GLPM Wallets

Road Map

Quarter 1 - 2018

Concept Initiation –
Marking entrance into cryptocurrency field.

Brand Design -
Create a visual identity for Glacier Platform that can work across multiple platforms. Elegant design, user focused, monetized publishing.

Team building and Market Research and analysis -
Define roles within team, analytic and statistical cryptocurrency and content writing research.

Quarter 2 - 2018

Website Design and development –
Attractive, concise and clear information for investors.

Team Expansion -

Screening and adding additional qualified team members for dedicated roles.

Coin Specification -
Agreement on algorithm, core specs, speed, security, and monetary system.

Quarter 3 - 2018

Market research analysis and consulting –
Understanding competition, marketplace, investors and audience.

Website Development -

Launch Completed website ready for Pre-sale.

Continued Team Building and Market Research and analysis -
Assign roles within team, analytic and statistical cryptocurrency and content writing research.

Quarter 4 - 2018

Network and Presale Launch –
Anticipate successful launch of mainnet. Release wallets and masternode set up guides. Pre-sale open to public via official website. Masternode and Proof-of-stake establishment.

Masternode Ranking sites and staking pools -
Secure listing on Masternode ranking sites. Partner with staking pools.

Market exchange listing -
Secure listing on Cryptobridge and Cryptopia.

Quarter 1 - 2019

Release Whitepaper –
Detailed authoritative report of Glacier platform.

Alpha Release of Glacier platform Content Publishing Application - Alpha release of platform for user testing. Integrate compatible web wallet.

Beta Release of Glacier Platform Content Publishing application -
Release Beta version of Glacier platform with improvements and refinements.

Quarter 2 - 2019

Launch Glacier Platform Content Publishing application –
Full release of platform with cutting edge user experience and monetized content publishing.

Brand Awareness and Team Building -
Enhanced level marketing, Q&A sessions and local conferences.

Quarter 3 - 2019

Introduction to Glacier Platform E-Books marketplace –
Global decentralized E-Books marketplace.

Quarter 4 - 2019

Alpha Release of Glacier Platform E-Books Marketplace -
Alpha release of platform for user testing.

Beta Release of Glacier Platform E-Books Marketplace - Beta release of Marketplace with improvements and refinements.

Q1 2020
-Full release of E-Books Marketplace.
-Extended Roadmap Released.