So what is the Pre-Sale? This is the pre launch phase before exchanges that allows opportunistic investors to buy in early and secure their GLPM. It is already launched on main net so you may wish to host a masternode or stake to earn rewards. All funds received from the Early Supporters program will go towards funding endeavors of the project such as team recruitment, project management ensuring a quality cryptocurrency with goals meeting deadlines.

Price per GLPM? 1 GLPM = 0.10 cents USD.

Masternode Collateral: 10,000 GLP

After sending payment please DM Glacier-DEV#2904 on Discord with your Bitcoin Transaction ID. Ensure you have your wallet installed and ready to receive coins.


Masternodes Remaining

10,000 GLPM Coins Full Masternode

Staking Packages:


5000 GLPM Coins


3000 GLPM Coins


2000 Coins


1000 Coins


500 Coins